The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) established a target of 20% renewables on the national grid by 2030 (National Energy Policy 2009-2030). Following the recent completion of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the GOJ increased its target for renewable energy penetration to 50% by 2037.

The Generation Procurement Entity (GPE) was established through the Electricity Act 2015, with responsibility for procuring new generation and managing the replacement of generation to meet the national generation demand prescribed by the IRP. The Electricity Act 2015, also mandates the GPE with the responsibility to manage and administer the process for procurement via competitive bidding of generation capacity by potential Independent Power Producers (IPPs). In carrying out this mandate, the GPE must also establish protocols and rules governing critical aspects of procurement to ensure appropriate transparency and continuity to attract the level of investment needed.

In this context, the general objective is to support the Generation Procurement Entity (GPE) by developing the general generation procurement guidelines and rules to commence the generation procurement activities and the specific procurement rules for renewables aligned with Jamaica’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) following best international practices and their needed adaptations for the Jamaica context.