This important project is part of the technical cooperation with the AFD (French Development Agency) and aims to promote the decarbonisation of these islands by identifying projects that consider and evaluate the implementation of advanced technologies for the generation, management and use of electricity through renewable energy sources, as well as high energy efficiency technologies in consumers to manage an optimised demand.

The analysis of the projects includes technical, economic, financial, social and environmental pre-feasibility studies, and applies the latest planning techniques, contributing to the sustainable energy development in both Holbox and Cozumel.

Development of a comprehensive analysis of the energy supply, consumption and demand in the islands of Cozumel and Holbox in order to assess the regulatory, technical, environmental, social, gender equity, economic and financial pre-feasibility for a model of energy-sustainable islands based on technologies that allow take advantage of the potential of renewable energies and energy efficiency, with emphasis on the generation, supply and consumption of electrical energy.

Preparation of a roadmap to develop an energy transition in Cozumel and Holbox, considering a mix of proven and feasible technological alternatives, aligned with the principles of sustainable development and guidelines of the energy transition policy contextualized in the development plan 2019–2024, Energy Sector Program, National Electricity System Development Program, Transition Strategy to Promote the Use of Clean Technology and Fuels, Special Program for Energy Transition, as well as Mexico’s commitments in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation.