In 2016, the Asian Development Bank hired MRC to support the CPPA-G to develop the new power market model for Pakistan and enable its implementation. The general objective of the assignment is to provide management support, capacity building, and training for the CPPA-G management and employees.

Specific objectives are to 1) support to the CPPA G in designing and implementing the Competitive Trading Bilateral Contract Market (CTBCM), 2) define all aspects required for transition from the single-buyer model to the competitive regime, and 3) identify all stakeholder conditions/actions needed for the next market phase.

The advisory is carried out in 3 phases:

Phase I. High Level Market Model Design. Assessment of the “as-is” (policies, regulatory, legal andtechnical) situation and Definition of the Conceptual Market Model and a roadmap for the transition management

Phase II. Detailed Market Model Design. Design a detailed plan for the implementation of the defined and approved Market Model for Pakistan, including, Identification of commercial instruments required, CPPA-G Human Resource Assessment, Stakeholder Capacity Building, and development of alignment with other sector stakeholders needed for model implementation.

Phase III. Support during the actual implementation of new market model implementation by 2020 (this phase is still in negotiation stage – current contract covers Phases I & II).