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The MRC Group offers international consulting services with local support to clients from its offices in Madrid, Milan, Edinburgh, Lahore, Montevideo and Nairobi.
We are committed to helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.
MRC capitalizes on its expertise in the critical issues involved in the restructuring of the energy & water industries, as well as the design and actual implementation of sustainable energy strategies, to provide service providers and government agencies with high-quality expert advice and comprehensive bespoke solutions.
Our multidisciplinary approach, combining technical, economic, and financial skills, provides a comprehensive view of business opportunities and challenges in essential infrastructure and environment sectors.
Our services are organized along with two practices –Consultancy Advisory and Transactions & Infrastructure Development Advisory – for Electricity, Natural Gas & Oil, Climate & Sustainability, and Water & Sanitation industries.



The natural evolution of energy and water markets requires sophisticated structural and functional arrangements to cater with the increasing complexity of the relationships between supply and demand. The design of these markets will determine the technical, economic and financial efficiency of the supply-demand balance, and impact stakeholders and consumers across the sector.
MRC experts have extensive experience in leading restructuring processes in the power, gas, and water sectors, helping governments and regulators to shape the such markets in developing and mature countries worldwide. Our team began by shaping the energy restructuring & reform in Latin America in the 1990s. Today our restructuring work encompasses stages from early market opening in Africa and Asia, up to the most delicate refinements in competitive market systems and platforms in OECD countries.
Our market restructuring work entails the detailed analysis of economic and regulatory frameworks. As such, we cover the review and design of the energy sector policy, primary and secondary legislation, economic cost benefit analyses, definition of efficient tariff schemes, revenue requirements, incentive-based regulation, among others.

In particular our services in this field include:

  • Restructuring and markets design
  • Policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks
  • Tariff and subsidy regimes
  • Disputes and litigation services
  • PPAs, FSAs and other commercial instruments.
  • Cross border trading arrangements & Market Integration
  • Market Modelling & Projections
  • Capacity building & stakeholder engagement


Sustainable development has a central role the design of energy policies worldwide. Moreover, both the scarcity of fossil fuel resources and their environmental impacts have triggered a significant increase in the public interest to utilize renewable energy sources and energy efficiency initiatives.
MRC provides strategic advice to private sector clients, banks and utilities on how best to adapt to state-of-the-art sustainable policies and take full advantage of opportunities in the new energy markets. We have worked extensively in the design of measures needed to integrate the specific commercial and technical features of renewable energy sources such as cost structure, intermittency, unpredictability, and changes in the way the traditional thermal/hydro-based system needs to be operated and designed.
Our work in economics and regulation of clean energy includes: definition of policy and regulatory scheme for renewable energy and energy efficiency; tailor-made implementation plans suited to achieve clean policy targets at all levels; institutional requirements to ensure the streamlined implementation of the policy, as well as technical, economic, financial and social analysis of this technologies.

Services worth highlighting within this area:

  • Renewable Energy (RES), Energy Efficiency (EE) & Climate Change policies and regulation
  • Promotion of sustainable decentralized generation
  • RES and carbon economics and pricing
  • Development of relevant secondary legislation
  • Design and implementation of lending programs supporting RES and EE
  • Contribution of RES and Mini-Grids to increasing electricity access.


Since most energy markets function in some form of a competitive environment, it is of the utmost importance to factor in all the aspects which will impact the successful implementation and performance of any energy project. The multidisciplinary skills, knowledge and experience of the MRC experts enable our team to provide our clients with optimal solutions attending to technical, economic and financial criteria.
Our services in this area include advice on techno-economic planning and operation of electricity and gas assets and markets. We have not only collaborated with public and private companies, but also governments, regulators and other agents in the definition of their strategies.
We have broad experience in assessing financial and technical performance of companies within the power sector (generation, transmission and distribution) and propose measures to enhance the profitability of their activities. In the case of developing countries most often this process leads to Private Sector Participation (PSP) solutions.

Our services include:

  • Supply and distribution systems expansion and long term planning
  • Optimization of capital expenditures, operational processes and business restructuring
  • Performance improvement in production, distribution and retail segments
  • Systems simulations & Demand forecasting
  • Billing & Settlement Systems
  • PPP and PSP Frameworks


Pre-design and conceptual designs
Technical cost estimation
Technical system validation
Project management
Third Party Consultancy
Maintenance management
Risk management


Support to the Investors
Support to the Manufacturers and System Integrators
Support to EPCs



Due to the dynamic nature of the energy markets transactions between agents are frequent and necessary. Although, they are inherently complex because it impossible to assess these transactions without deep knowledge of the physical reality of the business and regulatory framework governing it. Taking advantage of our outstanding background providing consultancy and advisory services to energy firms and our presence in governmental agencies we are able to provide our clients with high quality transactional and financial advice.
MRC’s experts have advised lending institutions, private investors and public agencies in the selling and acquisition of energy assets, including public to private processes. It is worth highlighting the participation in the privatization of power and gas assets in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
This practice includes advisory services on financial and strategic issues related to asset transaction processes such as privatizations, mergers and acquisitions.


  • Financial modelling
  • Identification and evaluation of investment opportunities
  • Technical, Commercial, Legal and Financial Due Diligence and Specialist Valuations (VAL)
  • Project Development and Integrated Risk Assessment and Management
  • Bidding processes advisory and contracts design
  • Advise on the optimal business and financing strategy



The MRC Group has signed strategic agreements with excellent companies having a long history in energy sector engineering, consulting and transaction advisory services. These agreements aim to widen MRC action and competencies through the combination of skills, references, client network and regional presence of the involved companies. Thanks to these partnerships and collaboration, The MRC Group has access to the support of over 70 professionals from sister companies, as well as multiple offices and representatives in 9 countries, are reinforcing MRC’s presence in International market.
We also have regulatar collaborations with renowned local and international firms in energy markets worldwide, which adds value to the consortia formed and allows us to better address our clients’ needs.

Among our partnerships there is the association AEPIBAL, in which we are their advisors for energy market issues. For more information visit their website.